Don't Take Our Word for It !

"I had to have my mom bring me two bottles to Georgia”
- Catreva
“That hot bbq sauce on the pork ribs is sooooo good!! Chris and Ken grilled it with the sauce. It’s got a good amount of heat. Really good”
- Daisy
“Drove an hour to get this sauce”
- Karen
“Got mine and it’s AWESOME!!! I’m not even usually crazy about BBQ!! Bill and son Brent really loved it! The HEAT is ON! WAY TO GO”
- Barbee
“We just purchased Sweet Lee's BBQ sauce, at Brooks Meat Market in Duncan, Okla. Tried it out with chicken and WOW! Very good flavor the mild was just right but if you like spicy definitely go for the HOT one! Both of these are now a favor for our house”
- Debbie
“Sweet Lee's BBQ sauce is top shelf! The HOT was my favorite! The flavor combination of spices and sauce will leave you tantalized and searching for a rack of ribs to go with it. Great product! keep it up ladies, skies the limit now!”
- Ryan
“We bought two bottles, regular and the spicy. Lemme tell you sumthin…… That spicy sauce is GOOD. I'm not even a big fan of sauce either. You don't even have to slather it on. Just brush a little across the top and bottom,, cook it in and boom. Tastes even better the next day. Can't wait to try regular…”
- Wendall
“The flavors are so rich. A breath of fresh air from the highly commercialized brands. You can actually taste the love it took to make this sauce. Amazing!”
- Chantil
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